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The Buzz on Wedding Shoes

So, you’ve found your dream dress. It’s perfect. Congratulations! Shopping for the perfect wedding gown isn’t an easy task, as exciting as it is, but you’ve made it, now the countdown to the big day continues!

You’ve thought about your veil, jewellery and accessories of course! They’re all part and parcel of your wedding dress shopping! But how many wedding gown designers and retailers stock bridal shoes?

If you haven’t already chosen the footwear that you’ll be walking down the aisle in, there are a few things you’ll need to think about.

Comfort – Let’s be realistic ladies, you will be sporting these babies for at least 10-12 hours. If your shoes are hurting your feet half an hour in, you’re in trouble. As women, we know that an uncomfortable pair of shoes can practically destroy a night out! We don’t want to go through that on our wedding day.

Some alternatives to help your feet survive the day include having a second pair of shoes available. For example, ballet shoes are comfortable for the reception if you are planning on dancing all night. Another idea is ugg boots which are comfortable and warm during winter. Ballet shoes and ugg boots can be worn with full length wedding dresses and will not be visible.

Style – You want your shoes to match and compliment your gown. Whether this means choosing the same colour tone, beading, crystals, diamantes, to match your dress, is up to you. When thinking about the style, comfort comes back into play. The style of heel, platform, stiletto, etc will make a difference to the overall look of the shoe, while also playing a really big role comfort-wise. Perhaps think of a style of shoe you already own and wear comfortably on a night out, and look for something similar in your wedding shoe style.

The overall style of the shoe depends on you! Your personal style, and the look you want to achieve! Anything goes, as long as it’s what you want!

Remember that there are a few shoe suppliers that will make your shoes to measure. This means achieving the look that you want while maximising comfort, as the shoe, well and truly fits!

Colour – Ivory dress = ivory shoes? Well, maybe, but not necessarily. In most cases brides will opt for a shoe that matches the colour of their gown, but more and more brides are making a statement with their shoes now. For instance, white gown – red shoes! Yes! So if you thought about it and hesitated for the sake of being a traditional bride, just know that it’s being done ladies, so don’t be shy!

If you’re afraid of going over-budget with your wedding shoes, thinking they’re only ever going to be worn once, then have you considered that buying better quality, in most cases will enable you to dye your shoes after the big day, to wear over and over with your favourite outfits?

Price – Some wedding shoes may seem overpriced when you first start looking at Wedding Shoe Suppliers. Certainly, you can find a pair of $80 stilettos in any shopping centre, but consider what we’ve already talked about. The main thing you’ll risk is your comfort. We all know that a pair of uncomfortable shoes can put an end to happy feet and ultimately a happy bride!

Happy hunting!


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