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Basic Guidelines for Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches - Guidelines - examples: Father - Groom - Bride - Best man - Quotes & Jokes

We have listed common topics that each speaker at a wedding can use to help them write s wedding speech. The basics listed here are only suggestions. Use your own experiences and knoweledge of the bride and groom to write a speech that is genuine, funny and most importantly, about the couple, their wedding day and what marriage means to them.

Father of the bride

Typically the father of the bride (and/or groom) has to foot the majority of the bill for the wedding, so it is only proper that he makes the first speech.

The father of the bride/groom usually addresses the guests formerly, welcoming them to the wedding, thanks the people by way of acknowledgment for the contributions thay have made towards the wedding.

The father of the bride or groom may also talk more casually about his feelings and relationship with his son or dauther and also welcome the bride or groom and in-laws in to his family.

Father of the Bride speech basics:

  • Welcome the guests to the wedding.
  • Thank them for coming to help you celebrate the wedding of your daughter.
  • Tell them about your son or daughter.
  • Tell them about your new son or daughter in-law.
  • Toast the Bride and Groom.

Examples of speeches by the father of the bride.

Grooms Speech

Typically, the grooms speech is about the bride - his wife and about their future together and to thank the people involved in making their wedding a memorable occasion.

Thanking the Father of the Bride

  • Thank the Bride's father for proposing the toast
  • For his kindness and friendship
  • For his daughter
  • For the wedding feast (if appropriate)

Thanking the Guests

  • for attending
  • for their good wishes
  • Everyone for their wedding gifts

Thanking the Bride, His Newly Wed Wife

  • Thank your new wife for marrying you!
  • Talk about how you met
  • Talk about why you love your wife
  • Talk about your future together

Thank Individuals

  • Thank those who have helped organize and plan the event.
  • Thank the Bridesmaids who have helped your wife through the day. Comment on their charm & beauty - not too much, though, as you may make your new wife jealous!
  • Thank the groomsmen and the Best Man

As well as the traditional thanks, the Groom may wish to add a few words about how he met his wife, activities they share, etc. Gentle teasing is in order.

The grooms speech usaully thanks more people than any of the other speakers.

It is usually considered a bit uncouth to thank the people paying for the celebrations for the money they have spent. However it is important to make clear that you appreciate their generosity. There is a risk that your speech becomes a list of “Thank you’s” – try to avoid this if possible. One way is to break up the list of thank-you's with humour or reminiscences. This is particularly effective if it relates to the person who has just been thanked, or is about to be thanked.

Examples of speeches by the groom.

Best Man's Speech

The best man's speech is the last of the three traditional Wedding speeches at a wedding. He usually begins by recounting how he first met the groom and their relationship, followed by some insights about the groom and bride.

The best man is traditionally the official spokes man for the bridal party. In his speech, the best man will thank the the bride and groom on behalf of the bridal party, the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

  • The 'best man' can talks about the groom's life, experiences, and qualities
  • Some tasteful jokes and anecdotes about the groom are usually welcome
  • Some details about the bride and groom, such as how they met
  • The best man proposes a toast to the newly weds
  • Traditionally, as a finale, there is a reading of telegrams and cards from people unable to attend

The best man should be careful not to tell of colour jokes - this is best kept for the bucks night. Generally, if the bestman jokes about the groom it should be in a positive manner - remember, nobody wants to be publically laughed at.

Examples of speeches by the best man.




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