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Brides Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches - Guidelines - examples: Father - Groom - Bride - Best man - Quotes & Jokes


Example Speeches - Brides Speech #1

Friends and family – I'd like to thank all of you for being here today, especially since many of you knew that I'd want to say a few words … it’s very touching that you still decided to come.

From the moment we got engaged I’ve been thinking about this wedding. I just wanted everything to be perfect and was determined not to overlook even the most insignificant detail. But I needn’t have worried, his best man made sure he was there.

I’m so glad to be married to Paul; caring, talented, modest, charming – I can see why he picked me. Seriously, I don’t think there could ever be anyone in this world more perfect for me than Paul is and I appreciate my good fortune in marrying such a warm-hearted and loving man. When we first started going out together I was attracted by his ambition, drive and determination. Three years later, when he proposed to me, I realised that without those qualities our marriage would still be as strong and I’d love him just as much. Paul brings out the good in me, he makes me laugh and he makes me enjoy each and every moment of life just by being a part of mine. They say that you don't marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without. This is certainly true with Paul, I simply couldn’t live without him and I look forward to growing old and grey with him at my side.

But a lot of people seem to think there is a big difference to your relationship once you are married. Someone told me that before marriage a man will lay awake all night thinking about something you said, while after marriage he'll fall asleep before you have finished saying it. Well, Paul has talked to me about marriage and how life is going to change. He spoke about the hours in front of the kitchen sink, the washing of socks, unpaid secretary, social organiser, babysitter, cook, etc … and for the first couple of months asked if I’d be willing to help him out.

Today would not have gone nearly so well without the generous help of so many people – and whilst my husband has already taken care of the ‘thank yous’, I would like to single out a few of you for my own praise.

Firstly, my wonderful mother who has been a pillar of strength over the last eight months and the rock of the foundation on which this whole day has been built. In my life she has made me very happy and I must take this opportunity to thank her not only for her enduring and mostly patient love, but also for planning and executing such a wonderful day as today.

Moving on to my father, who wanted to give me the wedding of my dreams and succeeded. I understand there was a bet going on as to whether he would have tears in his eyes when he walked me down the aisle today. He did have tears in his eyes, but that might have been because he was worrying over what he would say to his bank manager on Monday morning. My dad is a formidable character as well as a devoted family man. We are very close and, not surprisingly, given his spirit, his generosity and his wisdom, I’ve always looked up to him. It would take quite a man to live up to my father, but in Paul, I have found that man.

There are other parents I want to thank too – my husband’s, for their generous contribution and their continuous support in the lead up to the wedding. Sally and Ray made me feel so welcome right from the very first time I met them and I feel immensely fortunate to have married into such a great family. My sincere wish is that together Paul and I can build a home that is as welcoming and as full of love and happiness as theirs is – personally speaking I also quite like the idea of five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a big garden too.

Of course, I have another special reason to thank Sally and Ray – their care and guidance over the years has had a very positive influence over Paul and their very best qualities have rubbed off on him. They raised him so he’d grow up to be a perfect husband. Look how well he did today saying, ‘I do’ at the right place in the ceremony. As long as he keeps saying ‘Yes dear’ we'll have a wonderful marriage.

Our supporting cast deserves recognition as well. And they are all of Paul’s brothers, Gary, Richard and Mark – our ushers. Paul’s best man and best friend, Jason … depending on the contents of his speech they might even stay friends. My bridesmaids, Helen and Liz – who have been a terrific help to me, not only today, but throughout the many weeks of intense wedding preparation. And last but not least, I’d like to make a special mention of Lucy, my chief bridesmaid. She is the unsung heroine of this wedding, without all her effort today would not have been half as enjoyable for me. She is my oldest and dearest friend and we have been through some bad times and we have been through a lot of good times. Her friendship has been a source of strength to me throughout the years and I felt honoured to have her standing with me today.

Finally, let me end as I began, by thanking you all once again for coming tonight. I can honestly say that today would not have been the same if we had not been in the company of our dear friends and family. At wedding’s it is the guests that create the party atmosphere and you good people have certainly done that for us. May I propose a toast to love, laughter and friendship.


Example Speeches - Brides Speech #2

Those of you, who know me, probably aren’t surprised that I want to say a few words today. Those of you, who know me really well, will be surprised if it is only a few words!!

I’m actually amazed to find myself standing here beside Phil today, because I always hoped mine would be an arranged marriage, but unfortunately George Clooney just wasn’t keen.

After eight years together it means a lot to be standing here as Phil’s wife and I’m sure he’s happy too, now that he can finally start to let himself go.

There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to speak today. The first is that I would like to beg forgiveness from all those people I’ve lied to over the past six months or so, while organising "Phil’s surprise party". I’ve told so many lies my nose should be longer than Pinocchio’s. Phil on the other hand has been able to sleep easy at night, knowing that he’s told hardly any lies, as no one has discussed the party with him. This is lucky really, as he can’t afford for his nose to get any bigger!

The second reason I wanted to speak today was to personally thank some very special people.

To Phil’s parents, John & Joyce, thank you for making me feel so welcome in the Goodman family. I feel like I’ve been a part of your family forever and thank you for raising Phil so well.

I’d like to thank my Mum for carrying the burden of being the only person, other than Phil and I to know about this wedding! Mum you have helped with the wedding so much and let’s face it, if you hadn’t come with me to buy the dress, I’d be up here naked. So everyone has something to thank you for. Thank you Mum, I appreciate everything you’ve done and I hope that I can make you proud.

I’d like to thank my dad for all he has ever done for me. Throughout my life he’s always been the first person I turn to for help and advice, not to mention money. Talking of which has mum told you you’re paying for my dress!

But seriously Dad you mean the world to me, thank you for always being there. I hope you enjoyed our surprise and at least you didn’t have to buy mum a new outfit.

I would like to thank both my mum and dad for all their love, support and guidance throughout my life. You have been the best parents a girl could wish for. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for your encouragement. You have shown me the love and commitment involved in a marriage. I didn’t settle for anything less than true love because of your example. I knew what to look for and I waited for it … and waited, and waited.

And then along came Phil.

You know, my Mum always told me to marry a rich man and I couldn’t have married a richer man than Phil. He is rich in inner strength, understanding and kindness, in forgiveness, patience and humour. Over the last 8 years, Phil has been everything to me - my partner, my best friend, and my soul mate - not to mention my chauffeur, my cleaner, my butler and my banker. That was banker! And here he stands today – my husband!

They say you don’t marry the man you can live with you marry the man you can’t live without, and for me, that’s Phil.

Would you all please join me in raising your glasses to my new husband.

I hope you have all now recovered from the surprise we gave you and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for sharing this magical day with us. Today wouldn’t have been as special as it is without our family and friends being here to celebrate with us.

I’d like to propose a toast to you all – To family and friends!

Example Speeches - Brides Speech #3

After six years together I expect many of you were wondering if we would ever get round to getting married - I know I was.

Well it may have taken us a while but I'm delighted to be able to finally stand here as Mark's wife - although I'm still not sure how the subs at work will cope with trying to squeeze Crudgington into a byline box. It might take another six years before they manage to spell it correctly!

But I am proud to be the newest Crudgington and I want to thank Mavis and Roy for welcoming me into your family with open arms and for even letting me stay with you when my uni-flatmates from hell got too much.

And thanks to my mum and Dad. I'm the only one of their three daughters who has stayed close to home and there's a reason for that - it means more free food, and Dad on hand to help solve household emergencies, like the time I called him from my mobile with my thumb stuck in a pipe gushing water all over the bedroom after we managed to pull the radiator off the wall.

Thanks Dad, for giving me away - don't think this means you've got rid of me though, because as you've probably already noticed, Mark and I are not the most practical people and we are sure to need your help with our future house-related projects.

Mum, I’d like to thank for providing most of the free food and for always being on hand to help out with your furry grandchildren, also known as our dogs Megan and Mully.

A massive thank you to my chief bridesmaid, Rosie. Thank you for smiling sweetly and for letting me borrow your beautiful and very well-behaved children! You all look gorgeous today and I am so pleased you could share our day.

In fact, everyone who has helped us today deserves thanks - you all managed to follow your lists and schedules even though you probably wanted to rip them up!

Now, onto my Sparky. I'd like to thank Mark for his earlier compliments and I would like to add how handsome he looks today.

It means so much for me to be standing here as his wife. You are my favourite man in the world, the love of my life, my best friend and now you are my husband!

If it is true that men are like stars, with so many to pick from but only one who can make all your dreams come true, then Mark is my one star and I can't wait for the rest of our dreams to come true.

I'm almost done now, so thanks for bearing with me. Before I shut up I would just like to take some time to remember those who can't be with us today.

Some who couldn't get the time off, or for whom the distance was too far, and others who will be looking down on us, particularly all our grandparents who I know would have loved to be here. So if I could force you all to charge your glasses one last time, I'd like to propose a toast to absent friends.

Example Speeches - Brides Speech #4

Those of you who know me probably won’t be too surprised that I’m about to say something – I’ve never let Giles get away with speaking for me in the past, and I’m not about to start now (hands up those who noticed I didn’t promise to “obey” earlier either!).

The main reason I’m standing here saying this is to thank a number of very special people for everything they’ve done. I’ll try to keep it brief, but this is me after all, so I’m not promising anything.

Firstly Philippa; I really am pleased you accepted to be my brides maid. You’ve even carried off ‘girly’ really well today, especially considering that you’ve been running around in the mud on a course for the last few days! Here’s a little something for you to say thank-you.

Amy; I’ve known you for what seems like forever (and I still remember offering to help out at your birthday parties when you were really little, although admittedly it was partly because I used to get paid in Mars Bar crispy cakes!), and I always said you would be my bridesmaid (it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you routinely drenching me with the hosepipe though when you were about 5!). I still can’t get over your boundless excitement after being asked – I was worried that being a bridesmaid at 16 was now really un-cool! Thank-you so much for being here today, it really means a lot to me, especially travelling so far. Here’s a little something for you too.

And Katrina, my fantastic big sister. What can I say – you’ve always been there for me, through thick and thin (and midnight tearful phone calls). I can’t put into words how much it means to me to have you as my matron of honour today (I’m sorry about the horribly old fashioned sounding term!), and I really do appreciate all your help over the past months. You’re the person who I dragged round wedding fairs, has had to listen to endless conversations about colours and dress styles, and even donated her gorgeous car as transport for the ‘girls’ (I was tempted to swap actually, and go in the ‘Thug’ myself and send you and the girls in the Jag!). I’m going to start blubbing if I carry on much more, so I’ll cut it short here. Suffice to say, you’re one in a million. No present is really enough to say thank you for everything that you’ve done over the years, but I’ve just got a small token of my appreciation, if you’d like to come up here.

Dad & Kate. In the time I’ve got, I don’t know how to get across everything I want to say to you, thank you so much for all your love, help and support over the years. Dad, you’ve always been the most wonderful person, and I’m proud to be your little girl (or not so little now!). Having you here to give me away today means more than I could ever put into words. Kate, you’ve only been in my life a comparatively short time, but over the past years you’ve been there for me through numerous crises and helped me to grow up from the typical teenager you first knew into the person that Giles fell in love with. Having you as one of our witnesses today meant the world to both of us. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart, not only for everything you’ve done for me, but also for welcoming Giles into the family with open arms. I doubt I could ever find a present which would be enough to thank you both for so much love and inspiration, but I do have a little something from the two of us to try.

Now’s the time for me to play with to the audience by talking about my husband. Giles, I primed you to say nice things about me in your speech, so it’s only fair I do the same for you.

What can I say really? You’re my hope, my spirit and my guide. You’ve stuck by me through some really tough times, and some of my best memories are of times spent with you. This might sound like a cliché, but you truly did make me the happiest girl in the world when you asked me to marry you, and I can honestly say that I’m proud to be standing here now as Mrs Barrett. I know that life won’t always be a bed of roses, but I can promise you now that, whatever it tries to throw at us, I’ll always be there by your side, as your wife and your best friend.

There’s one last thing I want to say to you whilst I have the floor, and please bear with me on this one: 'Rwyn caru ti mwy heddiw na ddoe ond yn llau na fory'

I’ve got a couple of last quick presentations to make before I get back to the serious business of enjoying myself. Tamryn & Bev, did you really think you were going to get away without a brief moment in the spotlight? I’ve only known both of you for a relatively short period of time, but have loved every minute of working with you. And today just wouldn’t have been the same without you both; to listen to my panicking over the past few months, to get the venue looking so amazing, and to make sure it all ran smoothly. I’m sure everyone in the room will agree with me that you’re worth your weight in gold.

I just wanted to say thank-you to you both for all your help and friendship, if you’d like to come up and accept this gift of appreciation.

There’s just one final thing I’d like to say, and I apologise now if it gets a bit emotional. We all know that there are a number of people who we would have liked to be here today who, for whatever reason, can’t be. It’s fallen to me to propose a toast for them, so, if you could all please raise your glasses, and join me in drinking to “absent friends”.

Oh, one last thing – for those who were wondering what I said to Giles, hopefully it was ‘I love you more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow’ in Welsh – either that or my translator played a trick on me and I’ve just said something terribly embarrassing!

Wedding Speeches - Guidelines for Wedding Speakers
Example speeches: Father - Groom - Bride - Best man - Quotes & Jokes




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