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Colour Contact Lenses for your Wedding Day

Changing or enhancing your eye colour on your wedding day

Have you ever consider changing your eye colour or just giving your existing eye colour some highlights with coloured contac lenses? Even if you don't need to wear contact lenses for eye correction, you can get plano contact lenses (plano do not provide any vision correction) which are also known as cosmetic contact lenses and don't require a prescription.

Changing your eye colour
Contact lenses can be used to completly change your eye colour. Generally, the darker your original eye colour, the dark the changed colour would be. For example, if you have dark brown eyes and use blue contact lenses, you would get a dark blue eye colour. If someone with grey eyes uses the same blue contact lenses, they will get light blue eyes. When choosing a colour contact lens, take in to consideration other colours around you, such as your make-up, bridesmaids dresses, the colour of the grooms suit or tie. Feel free to have fun and experiment with different colours. ColourVUE 3 Tone lenses available from Coloured Contacts, are a great natural looking lens. Also worth considering, depending on the look you are after, is the ColourVUE Glamour Series of contact lenses which feature a darker outer circle for a glamorous big eye look.

Enhancing your eye colour
Enhancing your eye colour is less drastic than a complete eye colour change. By choosing a contact lens that is similar to your eye colour, you can lighten or darken the colour of your eyes without completely changing the colour.

For example, people with brown eyes could consider using the foloowing colours:

For people with Gray, Blue or Green coloured eyes, consider the following:

With colour contacts, remember your primary colours and how they mix together - blue and yellow creates green. Mixing blue with green creates an aqua colour. Adding yellow to blue eyes makes them greener and adding a violet tint to green or blue eyes makes your original eye colour darker. Experiment and have fun!

Two new lenses are available and worth considering:

The HA Beauty series are a three tone, highly opaque, colour contact lens. These lenses are very suitable for dark eye colours.

Create Eyewear are available in two tone and three tone lenses. Both lenses are highly opaque and suitable for dark eyed people. The two lenses offer a more vibrant colour change, while the three tone contact lenses produce a more natural looking eye colour.


Tips & Advice

  • Experiment with different colours and brands
  • Pick your colour contact lenses 3 - 4 months before your wedding.
  • Buy fresh lenses for your wedding day or use daily disposable lenses
  • Keep a spare pair of contact lenses - just in case
  • Follow instructions by the manufacturer or eye doctor
  • If you feel pain, irritation or discomfort, remove the lenses and see your eye doctor

If you have never worn contact lenses before, consider:

See an eye specialist before buying contact lenses. They will show you how to insert and remove contact lenses. They will also examine your eyes to ensure contact lenses are safe for you to wear.

It may take anywhere from 1 day to one week or more for your eyes to adjust to contact lenses. Buy a pair of lenses a couple of months before your wedding and let your eyes get used to the contact lenses.

Non-prescription colour contact lenses are available through Coloured Contacts online shop. For international shipment (outside of Australia) of color contact lenses, please refer to Color Contact Lenses website.




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