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First it was wine, then coffee... and now the next big thing for the Australian palate is a more sophisticated approach to chocolate.

That is the view of Alison Armstrong, whose on-line chocolate company, Definitely Chocolate, caters for this discerning new market.

'Once happy with a cup of instant, we are now one of the world's most discerning drinkers of coffee in all its many forms,' she explained. 'Similarly, what was once exclusively a nation of beer drinkers is today a leading exporter of world-acclaimed wines.'

'I believe we are ready to explore and enjoy the full variety, subtlety and sheer enjoyment of quality chocolate - just as the French, Belgians and other Europeans have been doing for years.'

Based in Melbourne, Definitely Chocolate's European-trained chocolatiers hand-craft high-quality chocolates using both blended and Single Origin Chocolate imported from Belgium. Single Origin Chocolate, crafted from cocoa beans sourced from single, unique regions of the world, is the cocoa equivalent of a single malt whisky or a grand cru wine. Single Origin Chocolate allows us the pleasure of taste and aroma specific to cocoa grown in different regions under different conditions of rainfall, heat and humidity.

This refined chocolate has up to 75% cocoa content, compared with as little as 20% in cheap products. Again, only the classic ingredients are used and the chocolate is completely free of non-cocoa fats, preservatives or other additives.

Explained Alison Armstrong, 'Preservative-free, quality chocolate should be consumed within two weeks of purchase. Unfortunately, most chocolates - even the expensive, imported ones - are probably well past their best by the time you eat them.'

'On the other hand, our on-line ordering service means that Definitely Chocolate products are rushed to the customer directly from the maker, fresh and at their best!'

At the Definitely Chocolate website (www.definitelychocolate.com.au) chocolate lovers can survey images and descriptions of a full range of chocolates and then make on-line selections to progressively fill up their own 20- or 40- piece box.

The range of chocolates includes such hand-crafted treats as mango ganache, vanilla & cinnamon with a hint of chilli and bitter chocolate ganache. Definitely Chocolate also carries a range of handmade organic truffles under the brand name Booja Booja. Organic, dairy-free, wheat & gluten free, vegan & vegetarian and GMO free. Flavours include Around Midnight Espresso, Ginger Wine Truffles, Champagne and Cognac Flambed Banana Truffles.

Definitely Chocolate has launched a range of wedding chocolates in elegant, stylish boxes. The boxes can hold between 2 and 6 chocolates and can be trimmed with ribbon of your choice. In addition, they can prepare and despatch a beautifully-presented gift box, delivered with a hand-written card to the purchaser - or directly to the intended recipient of the gift. A great idea for thanking family and close friends after the wedding has taken place.

'Australians are already among the world's most enthusiastic chocolate consumers,' said Alison. 'Our mission is to convince chocolate-lovers that quality matters at least as much as quantity - and is worth paying for.'

'As more and more discover that luxury chocolate really is a different experience from the mass-manufactured, low-cocoa product, we will become as discerning about our chocolate as we are about our coffee and wine.

'After all, chocolate is one of life's great pleasures, so why settle for less than the best?'

For further information:
Alison Armstrong
Definitely Chocolate Pty Ltd
Tel (w): 61 3 9398 5588
E-mail: weddings@definitelychocolate.com.au
Web: www.definitelychocolate.com.au



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