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Bridal Bouquet Styles

The brides’ bouquet should complement her dress and body shape, and reflect her personality. Even if you have a limited budget for flowers Floradiction can help create the perfect bouquet for you without compromising on style.

There are many different styles of bouquets available. Each varies in price according to the flowers you select and the amount of work involved in creating the bouquet. As a general rule wired bouquets are more costly than those with natural stems.

There are many things to consider when selecting the flowers for your wedding as they will help to create the overall mood of the occasion. Contact Floradiction for advice on what will best complement you and your wedding style, or for creative ideas and the latest trends.

Posy Bouquet
Posies can be formal, semi-formal or informally designed. A small bouquet that is round in shape, the posy bouquet consists of smaller flowers that may be wired or tied tightly together by their stems to create a more informal effect.
Arm Spray Bouquet
This bouquet is carried cradled in the forearm, or if preferred may hang from the hand. The arm spray may be a neat construction of long stemmed flowers and greenery, or can be wider with loose trails creating a softer effect.
Strauss Bouquet
This is a natural stem bouquet that is larger than a posy, and is usually arranged in a looser manner with the stems left longer.
Trail Bouquet
The trailing bouquet does not have a rounded top like a posy bouquet, and is relatively narrow from the top down to the bottom of the trail. The trail may be narrow or wide.
Biedermeier Bouquet
These are very structured bouquets in their appearance, and may be fully wired or on their natural stems. The biedermeier bouquet is entirely symmetrical with the flowers arranged in symmetric circles.
Teardrop Bouquet
This is a traditional and formal style of bouquet and consists of a structured posy top. The trail is very wide and like its name suggests becomes a point at the bottom of the trail to form the teardrop shape.
Cascade Bouquet
Often known as a multiple trail bouquet, this has numerous trails tumbling from the top of the bouquet. It is often very unstructured in appearance.
Floral Pomander
This is a round ball covered in flowers that is suspended by a ribbon and worn from the wrist.
Floral Boa
The floral boa is a length of wired flowers and greenery that is worn around the shoulders in place of carrying a bouquet.
Floral Prayer Book
Some brides choose to carry a prayer book covered in flowers rather than carrying a bouquet. The book may be covered in fabric to match the brides gown and flowers attached to it, or a single stem may be placed through the centre of the book parallel to the spine.


Allow Emma at Floradiction to create the perfect wedding bouquet for you. It is guaranteed to be both beautiful and unique to you and your personal style tastes.

Floradiction - Floral Design by Emma
Address: 1/73 Tower Street
Panania NSW 2213 Australia

Phone: Office 02 9771 0624
Mobile: 0414 879 940

This article has been reproduced on Wedding Central Australia with permission.
© Floradiction 2002. All Rights Reserved.



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