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7 Tips - Live Music, Wedding Entertainment & DJ's
This article is written by Traci from Parteez Inc

I've put together a few tips for your reception which will hopefully make things a little more comfortable for everyone on the day/night.

A lot of times people can complain about the entertainer whether it be a band or DJ...when not all the time it is their fault but more so situations that can be avoided. So here are a few tips that may eliminate problems.

1. Never sit Nanna or any elderly guest near the speakers. This is a common problem, but can easioly be avoided with well thought out seating arrangements. Young people can handle it a lot better, whereas Nanna & Grandad or old Uncle George will end up with a headache or their teeth may fall out from the bass thumping...not a good look.

2. Make sure your MC (if from the entertainment company) has a wireless microphone. It is much better for the speech makers to be able to stay at their tables, or be in a good spot where they can be seen by everyone. If your entertainer is at the back of the room and the speech maker has to walk all the way down the back...it becomes awkward and time consuming. The good thing with a wireless microphone is also when FOB or FOG are making their speech they often refer to their wives, who are sitting close to them, so seeing them is good also.

3. Make sure all disco lighting is directed onto the dancefloor and not dashing around the room. These lights can make some people sick and dizzy, so they need to be able to escape them when desired, so make sure your DJ keeps lighting on the floor. You don't want your guests dashing to the toilet just because of the lights.

4. When hiring a music service make sure they are experienced at performing in weddings. Some people have been to a party with a band or a DJ and have hired them there on the spot because they were enjoying them at that time. When the wedding day came, the service played like it was still at that party. The whole format of a wedding is different and varies frequently throughout the reception.

5. Make sure your entertainer has a music library or repotoire suitable for all age groups. There are many songs that young people like and many songs that older people like. An experienced entertainer will suggest songs that are entertaining to all age groups. Talk to your entertainer and tell him/her exactly the mood you want set for your day. If he/she is professional, they will be able to accommodate easily.

6. Make sure your entertainer is a full timer - not a hobbyist. A full timer will be able to negotiate any situation thrown at them as over the years they have seen a lot and dealt with a lot. A less experienced entertainer might not be able to keep things running smoothly if there is a situation at hand.

7. If your entertainer is acting as MC as well, make sure he/she can pronounce all names correctly. A good MC should not have to stand there with a piece of paper in hand with the names on it. Take this up with them, let them know you don't want a roll call but a professional procession. A good MC should have memorised everything for the reception.


For further information please contact Traci

Parteez Inc
Phone (03) 8711 4463
Mobile: 0415 150 309
Website: www.weddingsinc.mainpage.net

This article has been reproduced on Wedding Central Australia with permission.
© Parteez Inc 2003. All Rights Reserved.




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