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Wedding Cakes - Mud cakes in summer

These wedding cake questions and answers have been taken from the wedding forum.

Q. Thank you for all the advice you have offered. Maybe you could answer this question for me. I have a lady lined-up to do my cake, (or so I thought). She is the aunt of a friend. My wedding in early Jan 2007. My friend mentioned to her aunt that I want a mud cake, and she stated that she doesnt like doing mud cakes in Summer. What could be the rationale behind this. I dont want it convered in chocolate, if I did then maybe I could understand her concerns over the heat melting it. Do you think she has geniune concerns. I dont know how many cakes she has done in summer. Do you think I should make it clear to her exactly what I want on it, or just find someone else? I would appreciate your opinion. Im in Melbourne by the way.

A. Oh a sticky one! My personal and professional opinion is that Chocolate Mud Cakes are fine in summer if kept in the correct environment.

These days most Brides choose Chocolate Mud over fruit cake, even in summer. Obviously you don't expose the cake to heat or sun as the cake can sweat under the icing, however any type of cake will sweat if exposed to heat.

I think she's saying that she doesn't like doing mud cakes in summer because she doesn't feel confident doing them. I'm not sure of your relationship with her and if you feel obligated to have her make your cake (seeing she's a friend's Aunt). If your having doubts of her capabilities I suggest you have a look around and talk to other cake decorators in your area (sorry I'm in Perth). If you can't break the news to her that you prefer someone else to make your cake for you, then go with what she feels comfortable doing. If she's comfortable doing something, then I'm sure she'll do a good job. If she does something that she doesn't feel comfortable with, she may not do her best work. I hope that makes sense???

It's hard I know, but at the end of the day, it's your wedding and you have to feel comfortable with every person with whom you deal with. Honestly though, Mud Cakes are fine in summer. If they weren't I wouldn't be making them for my Brides.

Good Luck...


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