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Henry Roth Bridal Gowns and Wedding Dresses - 10 Tips

Bridal GownsHot Tips From Henry Roth for 2010 Wedding Gown Glamour

Top 10 Tips on how to glamorize your wedding dress that makes dollars and style sense

Greetings to all and this great resource of Wedding Central. I speak to the people behind Wedding Central all the time and I love the personalized passion that makes this such a great go to resource . I wanted to compile the information below as a really practical approach on how to go about making your dream dress just that. there are so many tips I could give you but below is a great non confusing way to start!

I really hope it helps you all.

Michelle Roth, my sister and co designer of our dresses I have a wonderful vodcast/podcast called Planet Bride which we invite you to listen in to and watch. Please click on to www.weddingpodcastnetwork.com for down to earth advice for real brides. Please click on the Planet Bride icon and enjoy one of the many podcast/vodcast shows we have already taped.

For gown inspiration you may like to visit the wonderfully new www.henryroth.com.au

Here are some wonderful thoughts for you to make your dream dress into a stunning reality.


1. Budget
Create a budget and allow wriggle room of at least 10-15%.

2. Designer style & philosophy
Check the designer and learn about the aesthetic and style of that particular designer and see how that fits in with your ceremony and reception plans. I think meaning to gowns is very important so check on the philosophy of each designer and the meaning behind the gown.

3. Style suitability and your comfort level
Initially when trying on gowns always bring it back to where the ceremony and reception are and what you feel is appropriate for those locations.

4. Construction
The fit of your gown is very much dependent on good construction. Check for boning, the finishes of seams for smoothness and inner corsetry for excellent fit.

5. Fabric
Understand the wearability of the fabric that you are looking at and be aware that pure silk without any mix can tend to wrinkle a little bit more than if your gown is a mixture of silk and man-made fibre. Tulle and organza can be quite durable when pre-steamed well and shantung with lace can drape over the body beautifully.

6. Veils
I love veils and they are the new cathedral length train. Floor length veils add ceremony and romance and enable the bride to opt for a sweep train on the dress that is far more easily able to bustle for the reception.

7. Blushers
Longer blushers are showing a comeback and are extremely popular in Europe and allows for the bouquet to be held underneath the blusher for maximum red carpet aisle impact.

8. Less is more
There is a real trend for brides to wear far less jewellery opting for some beautiful earrings and no necklace at all especially when there is a strapless gown as a neckline.

9. Beaded belts
When wearing a slim line gown a beaded belt becomes a brilliant way to add to your look and elongate your sillouhette. The fact that most beaded belts are removable really adds to the versatility and practicality of your look!

10. Enjoy your gown
When choosing your gown make sure that you feel " you " in the gown and feel comfortable and beautiful. Listen to your heart and love your gown. That feeling of elation shines through and that adds to your glamour in a priceless way!



Henry Roth & Kristy Hinze

About Henry Roth

In 1984 Henry graduated from the University of Sydney with a Law degree. Implementing his education creatively Henry worked at the mega advertising agency BBDO. In 1987 Henry moved to London continuing to specialize in entertainment marketing where he joined Harvey Goldsmith Entertainment – Europe’s largest concert promoter.

In 1997, Henry arrived in the United States armed with his family’s wedding business history where we was managing director of Henri Josef Bridal - Australia’s leading bridal company also specializing in bridesmaids, formals and cocktail dresses.

Henry joined his sister Michelle Roth in New York and together they created two well known brands – Michelle Roth Couture and Henry Roth “Style for Your Aisle” ™.

Henry quickly became known for his ideas, flair and marketing diversity. His magnetic communication skills catapulted the business and together, brother and sister made their specific and indelible niche in the wedding dress business by designing signature dresses.

Website: www.henrijosef.com.au, www.henryroth.com


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